Psicosomàtica i psicologia de la salut

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind (NB).

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  1. conxitavidal ha dit:

    Frequently tinnitus may be the first sign of audition loss, and so it should be seen by an ORL. But also frequently it’s associated with trauma and stress situations, together with other psychopathological or psychophysiological symtoms. I have been treating patients with tinnitus, derived from an ORL department, and there’s two techniques which helped in my experience: to mask and to distract the tinnitus. The fist you can do it with a music, radio, etc., and the second with mantras, or concentrating in something very absorving, etc. What hypnosis can add is for the one thing to choose the best masking or distracting elements for each individual patient, and on the other thing, to induce the chosen elements and automatize its functioning. The third thing is to induce a calm state, because the intensity of tinnitus is related with the anxiety, or the pain, or some other physiological disturbants. For example, if the patient likes the sea, you can induce that when he/she hears tinnitus, in fact is hearing the sea waves sound, or the wind, and it can be helped with music of this sounds recorded, better so if it’s bilateral (successive bilateralized) music or sounds, such as those applied in EMDR or Brainspotting. David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, has a lot of this music recorded manually by himself, in his web. And it’s not only useful with nature sounds, but also with any music the patients like best to hear.

  2. conxitavidal ha dit:

    Fer de l’estrès el teu amic/Make stress your friend, la biologia del coratge:

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